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Additional Services

Corporate Finance
Trusted Counsel® has extensive experience in structuring a wide variety of instruments, including accredited investor private placements, angel and venture financings, syndicated and single-bank credit lines, acquisition financings, public note issuances, structured finance, off-balance sheet financings and capital leases, as well as factoring and other debt and quasi-debt capital vehicles. We are well versed in representing both borrowers and lenders in secured and unsecured financings.


Human Capital
Trusted Counsel will work with you to devise and execute your strategy for attracting and keeping the best personnel. We write executive employment agreements, cash and equity incentive plans, bonus programs, deferred compensation plans, restrictive covenants, severance and golden parachute arrangements, and employment and separation agreements. We also guide you in drafting personnel policies and complying with local, state and federal employment laws as you hire employees and engage independent contractors.

International Transactions
Whether you are opening offices or facilities overseas or forming an international joint venture, licensing, or distribution agreement, we will advise you. We can help you chart your course through the global maze of laws and regulations that apply to your business overseas, from European Union privacy restrictions to foreign labor, tax, and contract laws.

Brand Protection
Protecting the integrity of your company’s brand is a critical consideration when you enter into joint marketing ventures, cooperative marketing deals, and other agreements with strategic partners. We help you protect your brand in those situations as well as by complying with laws governing advertisement, false claims, product disparagement, and unfair competition.

Online Issues

We advise our clients on many laws that affect companies doing business online. That includes compliance with state, federal and international online privacy regulations; complying with laws designed to protect children on the Internet; drafting terms of service and user policies; navigating issues of online taxation; and even ensuring that you own the rights to the design and content of your own website.


Business Tax – Domestic & International
Trusted Counsel provides clients with comprehensive services in the area of U.S. and state taxation issues. Our lawyers are experienced in advising companies on tax implications of transactions that involve corporate restructurings, joint ventures, financings, investment funds, and technology transfers. We also regularly assist clients with strategic tax planning.

Executive Compensation
We assist senior executives in realizing their value when joining and leaving corporations. We tell you what’s possible and appropriate, and help coach you through the negotiation process. We are intimately familiar with the courtship dance of recruitment and when and how to leverage your position to maximize your upside and manage your downside. Conversely, whether you are leaving by your choice, their choice or business transition we represent you with the utmost sensitivity, intelligence and objectivity to get you the best deal given the circumstances.

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