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Our Philosophy:
Business Services

Business Services

Trusted Counsel® specializes in representation of privately held businesses as well as individual founders and executive management.

We focus on the transactions that build and extend value. We help you understand the realm of what’s possible, what’s practical and what the other side’s motivations might be. We help you increase your knowledge, leverage and value.

Typically our services vary from client to client, but cover the broad range of corporate and executive issues, including acting as general counsel for the small and medium sized business; investments; financings; relationships with shareholders or other key individuals; revenue generating agreements; compensation and incentive programs; business acquisitions; asset dispositions; preparing a business for sale; preparing and executing a business sale; intellectual property protection and licensing; as well as executive compensation and separations for individuals.

We don’t aspire to be all things to all people. Trusted Counsel is dedicated to serving clients in private business, usually with intellectual property as an asset. By keeping that focus, we’ve developed the highest level of expertise in those areas of law that directly affect your company’s ability to grow, prosper, and get results.


We believe that law must support your business needs and believe we are different from many other firms because:

We help you empower your position.

We help you increase your knowledge, leverage and value. »

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