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  What We Do For You

What We Do For You

Corporate & Strategic Counsel
We assist companies with business formation, creation of a capital structure, and financing. We are experienced in issues relating to organizational structure, corporate governance, shareholder relations and financing, development of capitalization tables and accredited investor securities law compliance. We can help think through the legal issues and risks of your business decisions - then help you to formulate your plan of execution.

Growth Strategy, Business Succession, Merger, Acquisition and Exits
We help companies realize the value of their creation through various merger and acquisition strategies and exit events. We handle the full range of issues that arise in these transactions, including corporate, securities, tax, employee benefits, and intellectual property considerations. We also advise clients involved in business reorganizations and recapitalization such as tax-free reorganizations. If you want to pass your business on to your family or management, we can assist you to develop and execute a tax-efficient, effective succession plan.


Intellectual Property Protection and Management
We help you systematically acquire, identify, protect, manage, and enforce your intellectual property rights. That includes U.S. and foreign patent analysis, selection, protection and enforcement of U.S. and international trademarks; diligence, preparation and prosecution; implementing programs for protection of trade secrets; drafting of confidentiality agreements, registering, protecting and enforcing copyrights; among other tasks.

Revenue Generation
Trusted Counsel® will structure and negotiate the transactions that leverage your company’s intellectual assets into revenues through strategic alliances, technology licensing, distributors, resellers, agents, and so on. We prepare distribution and strategic partner agreements, marketing agreements, end user agreements, terms of service, sales contracts, and the other legal tools you need to do business with your customers, partners, and vendors. We develop agreements that help you do business – not slow it down, as so many other law firm agreements will.

Non-US company representation
We represent foreign-based companies doing business in the United States helping them establish operations, navigate business, contract and labor laws and protect intellectual property and assist them to find appropriate assistance in tax and immigration.

We help you develop a 'legal' plan of action supporting your business. »

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