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  Why Trusted Counsel Is Different

Why Trusted Counsel® is Different

How have you chosen your professional relationships in the past? Someone you graduated school with (or is a fellow alum you didn’t know at time of hiring other than you are from the same school)? Just got lucky (or unlucky?) with a random call? Do you always understand what your lawyer or other representative is telling you?

Sometimes the hardest part of dealing with a professional is that you know you are smart and you know they are smart, but the oddest thing can happen along the way of a professional conversation. You sit there knowing there is information and data being communicated to you, but when you try to turn it into actionable steps – you just can’t figure out what you are supposed to do!

Sometimes this is a "jargon" problem. Sometimes you just don’t have the background to ask the most important questions (or the follow on questions). Sometimes professionals are very smart, but have no ability to communicate anything of value to you. Call it our digitized world, call it whatever, but we have seen this time and again. Sometimes with ok results, sometimes with disastrous results.

So how is a legal relationship with Trusted Counsel different?

We are a high touch, boutique corporate and technology law firm. Whether you are looking for representation for your business or yourself, the legal relationship with us is personal and is tailored to your benefit.

We have built our reputation and client base through results. We typically work for highly demanding and highly selective individuals and companies. Many of our clients have been with us from many years and some through multiple companies. Our clients and their successes are our best references.

We have developed trusted relationships with accountants, tax advisors, financial advisors, commercial and residential real estate agents, bankers, venture funds, payroll processing firms, insurance agents, bookkeepers, international lawyers, patent attorneys and litigators for many years. We are happy to make the right referral for you and your business – and you can trust that the introduction will be a warm one, and your reception as well - you are a VIP and shall be treated that way.

We act as your strategic counsel, particularly in matters of dealing with lawyer’s in specialty practices such as patent, real estate, wills, trusts and estates, domestic matters and litigation. Sometimes a "translator" is absolutely necessary to get the right answers and the right support in particularly important and delicate matters – and we are your Trusted Counsel® to provide you that support!

Your professional relationships are invaluable (or should be!) to you
and your business. »

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